Office of Urban Education Information

The primary urban areas served by the Office of Urban Education (OUE) are Beloit, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Racine. Established by the state superintendent in the Milwaukee area in 1995, OUE serves these urban communities to fulfill the objectives of its mission to:

  • Understand challenges and equity needs facing families, children, and educators.
  • Represent these challenges to all interested parties in a way that develops deeper understanding of the urban condition and a commitment to action in urban areas.
  • Coordinate and improve efficiency and effectiveness of all governmental services to urban districts by facilitating communication and building collaborative, problem-solving techniques.
  • Respond to dynamic urban conditions and needs and provide technical assistance services by allocating staff as needed to serve urban school districts on an ad hoc basis.
  • Advise the state superintendent on urban education issues and recommend actions.
  • Analyze students' educational needs and evaluate current state and federal programs to meet them.
  • Recommend changes or improvements in existing programs or new programs as necessary.