Office of Urban Education, Special Education

Children, ages 3 to 21 years, who need special educational and related services because of a handicapping condition are served by the Special Education Needs consultant.

The Department of Public Instruction oversees the provision of special education and related services in the state and ensures that all school districts comply with state and federal laws concerning special education. These laws require school districts to identify and evaluate children with special education needs who are residents of the district. School districts must provide resident children identified with these needs with special education and related services that are individually designed to meet their unique needs.

Special education and related services must be provided to each child with special education needs according to an individualized education program (IEP).

IEPs must be developed by the school district with the participation of the child's parent, the child's teacher, and others who provide needed related services for the child. The school district must ensure that the individualized education program services are provided to the child at no cost to the child's parent, as closed to the child's home as possible, and to the maximum extent appropriate, with children who do not have a special education need.

For further information concerning this program, please send e-mail to Janice Duff, Special Education Program Consultant, or visit the DPI Special Education homesite.